network issues as result of DDoS Thursday 27th May 2021 14:15:00

Update 17:00: The situation has been under control for the past hours. We will keep monitoring the situation closely.

Starting from 14:14 CEST, we were targeted by a DDOS attack, causing some slow response times or unavailability of our services. Around 14:30, we had successfully rerouted all traffic, and deflected the attack. We will closely keep monitoring performance and investigate further into the exact target.

The DDoS-attack is finished again. Of course, we will keep monitoring the situation and keep the failover in place.

The networking issues between Greenhost and XS4All have also been solved.

We are under renewed attack. This has not resulted in any downtime of our systems as failover systems were still in place.

Simultaneously, some visitors using xs4all-connections may experience problems connecting to our systems. This is not related, and we are working together with xs4all and our network provider to solve this.