[solved] outage caused by a major DDOS attack Thursday 17th December 2020 10:10:00

Since 10:10 CET, we have been experiencing outage caused by a major DDOS attack.

All VPSes, webhosting and emailservers were affected by this outage.

We have deflected the attack and worked to recover all systems.

  • VPS that required a reboot finished rebooting around 16:15 CET.
  • Email sent this morning should mostly have been delivered by now.
  • All webhosting came back online between 12:00 and 12:15
  • VPSes are back online for the larger part since approximately 12:30. Individual machines may need a reboot. We are still working on rebooting these machines.
  • Email has been fully operational again since approximately 12:30. No emails have been lost but, as a result of the outage, it may take a while for emails that were sent this morning to be delivered.